Advice on claims and procedure

Do not admit liability

Do not, under any circumstances, admit liability either;

  • verbally or in writing or
  • by paying admission of guilt fines

We need to have maximum leeway in order to defend you.

Share information and contacts

You must advise your Lion Assurance Agent immediately once you have been called on to pay a fine.

You may exchange contact details with a third party and may give them your Lion Assurance Agent's details.

Immediately contact your Lion Assurance Agent immediately via telephone or other means to advise him/her on all or possible claims that you may wish to file.

Assessment and Reimbursement of Loss

  • We reserve the right to assess any and all forms of loss.
  • We reserve the right to choose between the available options i.e. Repair, Replacement, Reinstatement or Reimbursement by Cash.

Ensure that you do not ...

  • Do not dispose of damaged property and/or salvage until authorised to do so.
  • Do not repair or replace lost or damaged property without obtaining authority from your Lion Assurance Agent or an Insurance Official (e.g. an Adjuster acting from us.)

For Motor Accidents

In the event of a Motor accident please ensure that the following information is obtained at the scene.

  • The name of the Third Party, as well as their contact address
  • The registration number of the Third Party’s vehicle
  • The name of the Third Party’s Insurance company and their policy number if possible
  • The name/number of the Police Officer in attendance and the accident report number
  • Names and addresses of any witnesses
  • It is essential that you check all Company Vehicle driver’s licences regularly, preferably every 4-6 months and advise your broker immediately of any endorsements.

Please ensure that you comply with the above recommendations for quick claims settlement and full client satisfaction.