Business Interruption (following fire)

What is the Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

This policy protects you against reduction in turnover or increase in cost of working to maintain turnover in consequence of damage occurring during the period of insurance at the premises in respect of which payment has been made or liability admitted under the Fire policy.

This policy is also extended to cover*

  • Denial of access.
  • Additional premises.
  • Storage, transit and vehicle.
  • Accumulated stock
  • Professional Accountant &Claims Preparation Costs
  • Customer Premises
  • Suppliers Premises

* Terms and conditions apply.

This policy does not cover the following*

  • War and related perils and terrorism.
  • Consequential loss of any nature.
  • Radioactive contamination.
  • Damage caused to property in the open by storm, wind and water unless by their nature are kept in open.
  • Water damage through ordinary leakage of roof unless due to accidental damage by insured risk.

* Terms and conditions apply.