Fire and Special Perils Insurance

Fire and Special Perils Insurance - Lion Assurance insurance and cover products

What is the Fire and Special Perils Coverage?

This policy provides you with coverage for damage to your property as a result of :

  • Fire, lightening and explosion
  • Earth quake, volcanic eruption
  • Storm, wind, water hail
  • Aircraft or aerial
  • Impact by vehicle , animals or trees
  • Riots, strikes or civil unrest

Here is a summary of what it can cover*

  • Buildings
  • Machinery and plant
  • Stocks
  • Furniture, fixtures and fittings

* Terms and conditions apply.

This policy is also extended to cover*

  • Automatic Coverage
    Cover is extended to include automatic coverage for newly acquired property like equipment, machinery, furniture, fixtures, fittings, electronics, similar to the existing property of the Insured, provided that;
  • Petrol and Mineral Oil warranty III
    200 Litres per location.
  • Accountants Clause
    Any particulars or details contained in the Insured’s books of accounts or other business books or documents which may be required by Insurer under this policy for purposes of investigating or verifying any claim, may be produced and certified by the Insured’s auditors/professional accountants, and their certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the particulars and details to which it relates. Costs of verification and/or investigation will be paid by Insurer subject to an agreed limit.
  • Misdescription Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Consulting Engineers other professional fees
  • Hazards goods Clause
    Up to 10% of all contents
  • Breach of Warranties
  • Damage to premises in course of theft
  • Municipal Plans scrutiny
  • Cost of re-erection
  • Automatic Reinstatement
    If the Sum Insured is reduced following the payment of a claim under the Policy, the said Sum Insured shall automatically and immediately be reinstated to the amount stated in Schedule with payment of additional premium calculated at prorata
  • Alterations and repairs/Workmen clause
    Workmen are allowed in or about any premises herein referred to carrying our alterations and repairs without prejudice to the terms of this insurance.
  • Debris Removal
  • Payment on Account
    In the event of liability being admitted in respect of a claim under this policy the Insurer will without prejudice to their rights under the Policy make payment(s) on account as may be required by the Insured in respect of such claim
  • 72 hour Clause
    Where a series of ‘weather damage’ losses can be attributed to one ‘weather system’ happening within 72 hour period the terms, limitations and conditions of the policy will be applied as if to one single loss.

* Terms and conditions apply.