Kungula AgrInsurance

Kungula AgrInsurance for Ugandan farmers - an insurance cover by Lion Assurance

What is Kungula AgrInsurance?

Kungula AgrInsurance is an agricultural insurance initiative that we are promoting along with other insurance providers in the market.

We aim to change the fortunes of farmers in Uganda since the agricultural sector employs about 70% of Uganda's labour force - directly and indirectly. We protect financial institutions and farmers against unforeseeable losses caused by weather and other factors.

Kungula AgrInsurance is conveniently packaged as two sub-products: Livestock All Risks Mortality (ARM) Insurance and Crop Indexed Insurance. Please click on one below for more information.

Kungula Crop Indexed Insurance - Agriculture Insurance products by Lion Assurance

Kungula Crop/Weather Indexed Insurance (WII) is a new approach in Uganda, which minimize the effect of weather hazards on financial loss during agricultural production. It helps in the recovery of monetary losses due to weather hazards, repayment of loans and increases access to credit for all agricultural stakeholders; particularly farmers.

Kungula Livestock (Cattle) All Risk Mortality (ARM) Insurance - Agriculture insurance by Lion Assurance

Livestock ARM (All Risk Mortality) insurance is a new way farmers, banks and agricultural stakeholders in Uganda can minimize the financial impact of adverse agricultural risks on livestock production. It is designed to help you repay your loans in times of trouble and allows you access credit again the following year.